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Welcome to
cornici grezze

The site offers a wide range of frames and mirrors in stock and ready realizes all the changes that you might need.
We have hand-carved wooden mirror frames, mirrors in pulp and moldings for frames. We offer you the opportunity to ...

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Do it yourself

Buy the material to create your own frame to measure.


New Products

  1. Frame in a Tube 295L
    € 11.60
  2. Frame in a Tube 152
    € 12.60
  3. Frame in a Tube 168P
    € 31.60
  4. Frame in a Tube 418
    € 50.90
  5. Frame in a Tube 168
    € 25.40

Featured Products

  1. Mirror Zama/Firenze
    € 600.00
  2. Console carved
    € 430.00
    € 1,450.00
  4. Mirror pearly

    Regular Price: € 290.00

    Special Price: € 150.00

  5. Mirror 566 silver
    € 430.00
  1. Mirror pearly

    Regular Price: € 290.00

    Special Price: € 150.00

  2. Mirror petals

    Regular Price: € 480.00

    Special Price: € 390.00


Cornici grezze

The Frames handcrafted wood and wood pulp for your creations

Cornici Grezze deals with the creation of raw frames to decorate and customize. It also produces handcrafted wooden frames that professionals can treat to make them unique.
Incredible shapes or unusual for DIY Wooden frames also unexpected , such as:

  • Round Frames
  • Oval Frames
  • Square Frames
  • Frames for Miniatures

In addition to the frames in wood, Cornici Grezze also produces

frames in wood pulp

typically ductile for creative work. And directly on the site can usufruiore Sale of wooden frames and the raw frames for sale , to save money and choose the frame that best suits your needs.


In addition to the frames on the site you can view the Mirrors raw we produce with passion. They can also be decorated and use to make your work unique. Besides the classic Mirrors wood, Cornici Grezze also produces Mirrors in wood pulp. Their shapes are soft and can be decorated for effects and unique achievements in their field.
In addition Mirrors are also created hand-carved for those not satisfied and is looking for unique works. And then frames for mirrors raw wood.

Given the intense activity in the timber industry, we also deal in Unfinished wood furniture, with the sale of parts onlien hardly findable elsewhere, such as the sale of solid wood console table, dresser or curved rough.

Scopri Discover all our frames